OSA-F60 All Flash storage Array

The OSA-F60 is a 2U 60 drive, all flash high availability storage system. The OSA-F60 is a flexible modular system and supports SAS expansion JBOD enclosures, expansion enclosures  can be either 2Ux60 2.5" SSD or 4Ux60 3.5" HDD drive enclosures.

The OSA-F60 is ideal for todays “dis-aggregated data center” using high performance storage to drive business advantage and profits. The OSA-F60 provides the highest performance over a range of metrics including

  • Cost per IOPS,
  • IOPS per U of rackspace
  • and IOPS per watts

These metrics show the OSA-F60 as a leader in 

  • High performance
  • High Efficiency

The OSA-F60 also provides additional features such as;

  • High Availability dual controller hardware 
  • Advanced Volume services
  • Automation tool kit


Diverse Workload range  

“High Performance, Low Latency, less time more money”

The OSA-F60 storage array is rated for 1.6M IOPS at 4K random read.

The OSA-F60’s high level of performance supports faster analytics, allowing new decision-making power and business opportunities. The OSA-F60 increases competitive advantage by enabling faster real time decision making for data-driven businesses and providing better, faster service to users.




Scalability   “More IOPS, Bandwidth and capacity from less Rack space

 The OSA-F60 supports approximately 2 Peta Bytes of storage in a 2U space.        




“Components fail, datacenter services should not”

The OSA-F60 is a no single point of failure system, it is resilient to disk , cable, storage controller, PSU and FAN failures. The OSA-F60 is validated with Red Hat Linux (RHEL) and Windows. The OSA-F60 dual controller software is validated with RHEL multi-path and Windows multi-path MPIO.

Components will over time fail, however data center services should not, MPSTOR software is highly resilient to component failures allowing data center services to continue. Recovery time from component failure is kept within limits irrespective of the data storage volume sizes.



Multiple Consumer Types    “Data services improve data management”

There are many workloads in the data center, some may be suitable for compression and de-duplication. The OSA-F60 allows storage to be flexibly provisioned when required with deduplication and/or compression. 

The OSA-F60 provides the administrator with configuration options to set the maximum IOPS and BW provided by each storage volume. This feature is important in multi-tenant configurations, without proper control badly behaved applications can impact negatively on high priority critical applications. Per volume IOPS and BW control allow the data center administrator to configure the performance each application requires. 



Optimum CAP-EX and OP-EX  

"Automation saves on Administration costs"

The OSA-F60 has a comprehensive toolkit allowing and API that allows automation of many configuration tasks. In addition the toolkit provides python libraries that allow monitoring of the storage array logical and physical components.

Automation and monitoring tools are key to lower total cost of ownership of storage. The Toolkit allows the OSA-F60 to be easily integrated into existing data center management frameworks.




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