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February 2015

   Newsletter from MPSTOR

Upcoming Webinar Openstack Cloud Disaster Recovery Use case: Are you prepared when it strikes
Trends to watch out for in 2015
In this two part series we will share some of predictions for year ahead. In part 1, we focus on technology, in part two how these technology changes affect the storage industry and cloud market. Our focus is storage centric and looks at how Hyper-convergence, SDS and smart storage arrays integrating “Docker” type functionality will provide innovative solutions in the data analytic space.
Software Defined Storage model to evolve.
The introduction of software defined networking (SDN) in Openstack (Neutron) and in VMWARE (Nicira) left the storage industry scrambling to re-cast their products into a “Software Defined Storage” offering. SDS offerings today are mainly automation tools sitting under an Openstack Cinder API. 

Take a look the latest news and event on our website to learn more:
Visit us at Open Cloud Park with Openstack community.
CloudExpo Europe the biggest cloud event of the year is around the corner, London, this year will be packed with over 300 experts and suppliers demonstrating some of the latest features of cloud technology. Come and see us at the Open cloud park as part of the Openstack community and project advocates. This year we will be introducing some of our Hyper-converged storage solutions built with Openstack. If you want to see a High Performance Block Storage for Openstack running at over 5GB/S and over 300K I/Os at 8k file size.

Horizon 2020: IOSTACK Project

 ESG Blog

IOSTACK is an European research project funded by the H2020 initiative. The project is a consortium of several European industrial and research partners including IBM, MPSTOR, Eurocom, BARCELONA SUPERCOMPUTING CENTER and the University of Rovira. A number of the partners will act as users of the system including IDIADA (Automotive), GRIDPOCKET (IOT) and ARCTUR (HPC).

IOSTACK is designed for deployments of data analytics in virtual environments. Virtual environments allow very flexible deployment of analytics frameworks but have less performance than bare metal deployments. IOSTACK will focus on how Software Defined Storage can use its knowledge of the cloud topology and the real time dynamic characteristics of the cloud to deploy analytics jobs that will run and complete within guaranteed SLAs and timescales.
Hyper-converged – Hyper Market Acceleration.  by Mark Bowler

Convergence, whether it be full hyperconvergence or better engineering between infrastructure components that is delivered in a pre-configured turnkey manner, is here to stay. Traditional and emerging IT vendors are going to quickly have to determine how to stand out from the pack and light up their go to market campaigns and sales initiatives.
  OpenStack: All-In-One Appliance
Hyper-converged Openstack Appliance
MPSTOR Releases the NDS4600-HCS solution, based on the NewIsys 4U60 High density enclosure, fully integrated with Orkestra Hyper-converged Openstack Distribution. This solution is ideal for customers looking to build Cloud appliances for vertical Markets. The solution integrates MPSTOR's Software Defined Storage for scale-out block and object as well as the Openstack cloud management framework.
Great for scale out and high performance solutions.

Now supported, Supermicro Blade server available from our partner BOSTON at for building private cloud solutions (use Orkestra-HC).
Processor Blade SBI-7127R-S6
Designed to support latest industry standard platforms Orkestra-HCS, MPSTOR's Hyper-Converged platform is available to build scale out Private/Public Cloud.



Building an all-in-one Openstack Hyperconverged Appliance in 10 minutes. Watch the "Orkestra Setup" Video here. Openstack appliances are gaining traction in the Market place, MPSTOR the leader in Hyper-Converged Storage has a turnkey solution for Video Surveillance, Archiving and IOT for different Markets. contact for more details.


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