The OSA-Fx60 is an all-flash, high availability storage array for todays “disaggregated data centers” using high performance storage to drive business advantage and profits. The OSA-Fx60 provides the high performance and high density over a range of metrics including cost per IOPS, IOPS per rack U space and IOPS per watts. The OSA-Fx60 supports Windows and Linux operating systems.




High Performance


The OSA-Fx60’s 2U high level of performance allows real time inter page processing and data analytics. This capability allows software decision-making power to create and develop business opportunities. The OSA-Fx60 increases competitive advantage by speeding up time-to-market for data-driven businesses and providing better, faster service to users. The OSA-Fx60 is a 60 drive 2U all-flash storage array supporting Fibre Channel and iSCSI hosts.


High Efficiency


The SSD cost is the dominant cost in all-flash arrays, optimising the SSD performance in terms of IOPS/disk, form factor and power provides the greatest return of investment and business benefit to the end-user. The optimised OSA-Fx60 allows data-centers to scale the number end-users who can enjoy the benefits of low latency optimised storage.

                        The OSA-Fx60 has best of breed leading metrics including;

                                  TB/U (up to 480TB/U)
                                  IOPS/U (2.5M 4K IOPS/u, up to 5M 4K Random IOPS/U in a 2U format)
                                  IOPS/disk (116K user IOPS/Disk)
                                  IOPS/watt (3500 IOPS/watts)



Advanced Volume Services 


There are many workloads in the datacenter, some may be suitable for compression and de-duplication. The OSA-Fx60 allows storage to be flexibility provisioned when required with de-duplication and compression. Most datacenter applications are multi-tenant configurations and without proper control badly behaved applications can impact negatively on high priority, critical applications. The OSA-Fx60 supports 60 1.5TB disks for approximately 1PB of storage. The OSA-Fx60 supports expansion storage with a JBOD expansion option.


The OSA-Fx60 supports a number of storage services including;

          ○ In-line data compression
          ○ In-line de-duplication
          ○ IOPS & BW control
          ○ Volume resizing


CLI Toolkit for Automation


     The OSA-Fx60 CLI toolkit provides a set of python tools that allows a datacenter administrator to automate all storage array configuration and monitoring steps.



High Availability


     The OSA-Fx60 is a dual controller no single point of failure storage array. The OSA-Fx60 provides continued access to storage volumes under many failure conditions such as switch failure, cable failure, disk failures and controller failure.




 OSA-Fx60™ Features


Web-based Graphical User Interface
Secured Administration Access
Remote Access Console
Serial Console
HTTP updating of Orkestra firmware
System configuration backup and restore to USB

  DHCP Client
Multiple NIC
1G/10G/40G Ethernet support

XML API Tools for Storage Automation Tasks
Volume to Port Mapping
Volume to Host Mapping
Volume Bandwidth and IO SLA Setting for
    multitenant operation

Traffic Analysis
BMC power management interface

  Hardware Monitoring
Email Notification on Information,
    Warning and Critical Events

Logging, Analystics Functions
NTP servers & Time Zone



Up to 512TB Volumes, up to 1024 Logical Volumes
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6
Dual Controller Support
FC target support 8G/16G
iSCSI target support 10G/40G/100G
SSD dual ported SAS Support (up to 60 drives
    per chassis)

Optional SAS JBOD expansion port


Up to 128G of controller memory
Intel(R) Duel E5-2670 v3
SAN Options;
    8x8G FC or 4x16G FC,
    4x40G Eth or 100G Eth



ALUA dual controller
Failover/back on Controller failure
Multipath support for RHEL, WINDOWs

  Microsoft Windows, RHEL, and Linux



ALUA high availability volumes
Logical Volume Expansion
Per volumes throttling control of IO/sec
Per volumes throttling control of MB/sec

IP Address Restrictions for a Target

CHAP User Management
iSCSI Failover
SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation Support
















latest news

September 2017 - MPSTOR assigned Software Defined Storage patent.

September 2017 - MPSTOR releases its OSA-Fx60 5M IOPS All Flash Storage Array.



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