Resiliency Workload CAP-EX OP-EX Security Scalability Consumers


By solving the BIG 6 storage issues in the datacenter cloud OS MPSTOR software delivers;

- Excellence in end user experience by provisioning datacenter clients with their precise, scalable, optimized storage requirements

- Through ‘end user’ self-service provisioning

- Automated across the full range of fabrics, media tiers for diverse workloads and from multi-site locations

- Allowing the generation of new datacenter revenue streams


Storage technologies for the cloud struggle in the datacenter because there is a BIG 6 requirements list that is very difficult to fulfil, and no single storage technology can deliver all six requirements:

MPSTOR solves these BIG 6 storage requirements with its Software Defined Storage (SDS) storage software. MPSTOR provide the capability to provision BLOCK, OBJECT and FILE storage, enabling data centres to scale UP and scale OUT block storage technology on open hardware platforms. Using ERASURE code technologies both within and across storage arrays, MPSTOR provide IN-THE-ARRAY resiliency and scale out stripes ACROSS-THE-ARRAYS to deliver a scale UP and SCALE-OUT redundant storage provider pool. From this, pool storage can be automatically provisioned and exported to a diverse range of workloads through the user’s choice of protocol (BLOCK, FILE, OBJECT) over an end user choice of fabrics.

MPSTOR’s software suite turns bare metal servers into full featured compute and storage arrays, capable of connectivity through any fabric type and protocol. Through its "out of band" control plane coupled with its unique "in-band" service plane, MPSTOR provisions from any storage provider device type to the many storage consumer types of a data centre.

MPSTOR’s suite of software builds flexible, scalable and customized data center services simply and inexpensively, and provides a range of dashboard tools for the end user, cloud administrator and datacenter operator. MPSTOR provides a single pane of management which allows the datacenter operator to scale out storage and compute, organize storage and compute into managed pools with specific policies, and create new service offerings which are then instantaneously linked to the end user dashboard

MPSTOR software is a datacenter solution, ideally suited to data centers or enterprises which wish to offer a reliable, flexible, scalable and price competitive cloud computing service. The software suite includes three independent modules. The “IaaS” component is the data centre OS built with OpenStack including all the components required to deliver a public or private cloud. The “SDS” component is the software defined storage component and the “SAM” component is standalone Storage Array Management. MPSTOR software is supplied with an Operations Administration and End User dashboard as well as a full set of installation and support tools.



“Components fail, datacenter services should not”

MPSTOR's software maximises resiliency by using Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDA) and data encryption when storing scale out dataacross storage arrays. MPSTOR’s unique Virtual Block Store technology (VBS) creates a Virtual Block Device (VBD) that is stripped across multiple storage arrays with additional parity. Depending on the amount of Parity required the VBD can sustain one or more entire storage array failures. Each VBD chunk is built on resilient storage array RAID6 groups, allowing each storage array to sustain multiple disk failures. By keeping the RAID groups to a fixed size the recovery time can be set to a known acceptable value. 



Why is this important?

Datacenter components will over time fail, however datacenter services should not, MPSTOR software is highly resilient to component failures allowing service to continue. Recovery time from component failure is kept within limits irrespective of the storage pool size.

Diverse Workload Range

  Users want applications that work, datacenter users have a diverse range of workloads and need a range of capacity & performance compute and storage tiers

MPSTOR’s software automatically surfaces to the End User Dashboard each data centre’s unique configured offerings, allowing the end user to choose the appropriate SLA to its needs. This is achieved by utilising MPSTOR’s SDS Tool Kit, to efficiently organise each datacentres assets into managed pools of media types at specified SLA/QoS levels available across multiple fabrics. End users can use simple dashboards to provision the compute and storage required for their workload type. 


Why is this important?

Datacenters who can create their own service catalogue from their compute and storage assets can provision the specific workloads of their customers.

Optimum CAP-EX and OP-EX

    "Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) by building and growing your cloud cost effectively."

MPSTOR’s software turns low cost bare-metal commodity servers into high value compute and storage replacing costly proprietary storage appliances. MPSTOR’s software allows the datacenter operator to customise his hardware for his specific requirement.MPStor’s software also allows the datacenter to take full advantage of the extra services offered by premium proprietary storage appliances.The figure opposite shows the MPSTOR software platform process and toolset. 


1. MPSTOR provides a single pane of management which allows the datacenter operator to scale out storage and compute, and organise storage and compute into managed pools with specific policies.
2. Create new service offerings which are then instantaneously linked to the end user dashboard. Once a new service offering has been created it can be automatically provisioned by the end user through his dashboard.
3. MPSTOR’s software automatically surfaces to the End User Dashboard each data centre’s unique configured  service offerings.
4. End users can provision compute and storage from the datacenter service offerings presented in the end user dashboard.
5. MPSTOR’s vSAN allows advanced users to have complete control over all storage provisioning using virtual storage array VSA technology. Each VSA instance which runs in the tenant’s network space is provisioned with disks from within the datacenter storage pools.
6. MPSTOR’s single pane of management presents to the datacenter operator monitoring,  diagnostic, fault finding and recovery tools for every physical and logical element captured in the datacenter CMDB 
(Common Management Data Base).

Why is this important?

Improve datacenter margins by reducing Opex through service creation tools, single pane of management and automated provisioning, reduce CAPEX by using commodity hardware.

Storage Security

   “How secure is my data”

- MPSTOR software provides security through strong access control between virtual machines and storage volumes as well as encryption of the user data.

- Encryption is controlled by the secured software defined storage controller, the policy manager and its integrated encryption key management framework.

Why is this important?

Builds trust between you and your customer by protecting your data through resilient no single point of failure encrypted storage.



"Scale up and scale out compute, storage and networking"

Our software defined storage array ‘plug and discover’ capability automates capacity expansion. Our SDS controller aggregates raw/base provider storage into managed pools of media tiers, across different fabrics, provisioned on demand, through end user or admin dashboards, at the required SLA for the end user workload. Storage is provisioned from scale out storage pools as block, file or object storage.



Why is this important?

Scale your infrastructure and your customer demand increases. MPSTOR’s SDS framework makes scaling block, file or object storage simple by automatically discovering and registering new storage arrays, media tiers and fabrics.

Multiple Consumer types



"Provisioning all consumer types in the datacenter"

MPSTOR’s SDS enables a wide range of software delivery tools to provision efficiently all consumer types within the data centre, including: 

- Tenant Spaces
- Virtual Machines
- Storage Centric Services
- Bare metal Nodes

Our plug-ins for Cloud Frameworks includes OpenStack and VMWARE ESXi. MPSTOR’s Virtual Storage Array Appliance can provision a complete vSANstorage array into a tenant space, allowing the tenant administrator full control of all storage polices. The MPSTOR VSA appliance can provision vSANs in the tunnelled virtual tenant space or in the FLAT network space of the datacenter.



Why is this important?

There are multiple datacenter consumer types that need to be managed. Provision the four basic categories of storage consumers, tenant spaces, virtual machines, storage centric services and server nodes using a consistent global approach to storage provisioning. Manage new or legacy storage providers of block, file or object, from direct attached disks, MPSTOR storage arrays and storage volumes on third party storage arrays.