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MPSTOR is a leading developer of storage and cloud management software products, providing solutions through hardware OEMs and System Integrators (as well as direct) to data centres who are seeking a flexible, scalable and resilient platform on which to build a storage, public cloud or private cloud service.

MPSTOR’s core expertise is in software defined storage, which provides the service consumer with invisible, programmable and automated storage infrastructure, creating the perception of infinite flexibility in terms of scale and quality of service.

Through it’s patented Virtual Block Store (VBS) technology, the ‘intelligence’ in the storage service is abstracted from the underlying storage device and runs as a virtual software device manager. This allows any number of storage services to be deployed quickly across shared, commodity hardware, increasing flexibility and asset utilization while reducing opex and capex costs.

MPSTOR’s engineers have storage in their DNA, many having over twenty years of software and hardware storage design experience. We pride ourselves in providing reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-support software products and we work closely with our OEM and system integrator partners to deliver full turnkey solutions.

MPSTOR’s open-platform, open-API software architecture allows it to be run on commodity hardware and to be easily integrated with other third party software solutions. It’s modular design also facilitates the software to be licensed in the following modules;


orkestra_storage_array_management OrkestraTM – SAM (Storage Array Management) an open-standard, open-platform block storage array management software module, which is available either as a physical or virtual storage array controller. It can be sold as a stand-alone module to OEMs and system integrators, allowing them to sell their own brand of storage management product. Orkestra SAM provides all of the advanced features of an enterprise-class storage management solution, such as; snapshot, thin provisioning, volume to multiple host mapping, volume to host mapping, high availability dual controller, multi-tenancy, bandwidth management and multi-tiering.
orkestra_software_defined_storage OrkestraTM - SDS (Software Defined Storage) is a software defined storage framework, which allows storage services to be scaled, automated and shared on off-the-shelf storage devices at user-defined speeds, quality of service and media types. It is sold either integrated with OpenStack, as a turnkey cloud services platform, or as a stand-alone storage management and storage provisioning solution.
orkestra_infrastructure_as_a_service OrkestraTM – IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a turnkey cloud management software platform, which allows service providers to offer a flexible, scalable, automated and low cost cloud computing service. It is based around OpenStackTM, the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform. It is available in configurations, which range from a single server – creating an ideal private cloud solution for SMEs – to configurations that can be scaled to many hundreds of physical servers as required by large public and private cloud infrastructures.