Storage technologies for the cloud struggle in the datacenter because there is a BIG 6 requirements list that is very difficult to fulfil, and no single storage technology can deliver all six requirements.

Using MPSTOR’s Software Defined Storage framework to enhance BLOCK, FILE and OBJECT storage protocols delivers a solution that fulfils the BIG6 storage requirements.


Diverse Workload Range

Optimum CAP-EX and OP-EX

MPSTOR’s software maximises resiliency by utilizing its proprietary Information Dispersal Algorithms across storage arrays. MPSTOR’s unique Virtual Block Store technology (VBS) creates a Virtual Block Device (VBD) that is stripped across multiple storage arrays with additional parity. Read more... MPSTOR’s software automatically surfaces to the End User Dashboard each data center’s unique configured offerings, allowing the end user to choose the appropriate SLA to meet his needs. This is achieved by utilizing MPSTOR’s SDS Tool Kit, to efficiently organize each data center’s assets into managed pools of media types and across multiple fabrics. Read more... MPSTOR’s Orkestra software turns low cost bare-metal commodity servers into high value compute and storage replacing costly proprietary storage appliances. Orkestra allows the datacenter operator to customize hardware for any given requirement. Read more...



Multiple Consumer types

MPSTOR software provides security through strong access control between virtual machines and storage volumes as well as encryption of the user data.
Encryption is controlled by the secured software defined storage controller, the policy manager and its integrated encryption key management framework. Read more...
Orkestra’s software defined storage array ‘plug and discover’ capability automates capacity expansion. Our SDS controller aggregates raw/base provider storage into managed pools of media tiers, across different fabrics, provisioned on demand, through end user or admin dashboards, at the required SLA for the end user workload. Read more... Orkestra-SDS plug-ins for Cloud Frameworks include OpenStack, VMWARE ESXi and vCentre. MPSTOR’s Virtual Storage Array Appliance can provision a complete storage array into a tenant space, allowing the tenant administrator full control of all storage polices. Read more...